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Hostpad - Joomla! template by
Tablet & smartphone loving template
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HostPad starts a new era?

We are proud to present, HostPad!

HostPad is a template that introduces new modules and technologies made for the new Internet reality. What a better audience to introduce such services than a template dedicated to us, web fans and web hosting agencies.

DMenu is the star module introduced by HostPad. DMenu (Deck of cards Menu) is the first of its kind that works with touch screen devices such as smartphones and tablets. It simply works with clicks just as easy as with mouse hover events. But that was not enough for us, we also made it capable to load content not just from regular Joomla! menus, but also from custom written HTML and module positions. And to make it more fun, we added animation effects and the ability to interconnect these features with multiple sub-levels; for example, a custom text can have a sub-level menu of a regular menu, or a module.

Social Bar is nice little module that stands on the side of the page and shows links to social networks. You can easily customize it to show the links you want. It features an open/close facility so that it doesn't stand in the way when you read the page with a tablet.

Domain Finder is an Ajax domain search module. You can customize this module to search for the TLDs you want. Users can search for domains in place, without the need to move to another page and weaken your page conversion rate. They can also request more information which opens in a pop-up window that can be printed.

Multi Search is also a module we publish for the first time. It is able to search using the native Joomla! system, VirtueMart, Google, Bing or Yahoo. You can also make it search specifically in your website using one of the three big search engines. It is customizable, so you decide which methods you'll use.

HostPad also features a number of special features like:
  • HTML5 format
  • A specially made viewer for the photo gallery component Photospot
  • An visual effect for opening the links to print, email or view the PDF version of articles
  • Customizable links to social networks for each article
  • 48 regular Joomla! module positions
  • 5 auxiliary Joomla! module positions
  • Collapsible module position technology
  • Ability not to show the main body (com_nb)
  • Adjustable position widths from the Template manager
Written by John Bolton   |   Last Update on 01-12-2011 08:26